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You're probably familar with the old saying that the three most important things about Real Estate are Location, Location, Location! Well with websites it's Design, Design, Design!

And by design we don't mean just the fancy graphics, eye-catching animations, and pleasing color schemes. First and foremost, good web design is information design -- doing your very best to make sure that the visitors to your site can get what they are seeking in the most direct and speedy manner. Remember, you are just one click from oblivion. If your visitors don't recognize immediate value, are confused about what to do next, or have to work really hard to figure out what is available, you can be sure they will not stay long.

Your time will be well spent thinking about design issues before you begin the development process. As a general rule, time spent towards the beginning of the process yields time savings many times over later in the process.


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The topics on the right represent a small sampling of the design issues to consider when thinking about developing a website or having someone develop one for you. Click on a topic to see the information detail. All the information presented is based on research findings that we would be glad to share upon request.

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